Smart City Switzerland

Smart City Switzerland is a project of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy and EnergieSchweiz für Gemeinden (SwissEnergy for Municipalities).

On these web pages you’ll find information on:

  • the Smart Cities concept in Switzerland
  • current projects and events
  • support for Smart City stakeholders
  • examples and activities in Switzerland and the surrounding area
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Integrate the citizens of a Smart City as early as possbile

DIN publishes an impulse paper relating to the norms and standarts in the city of tomorrow.



Urban planning and Smart City - what does really matter?

Kristian Villadsen, architekt in Copenhagen summarises the most important examples in a impressive...



Carouge takes part at the Open and Agile Smart City

Since the beginning of this year, the city of Carouge takes part at the european projekt H2020...